Founded in 2004, Tessera Capital Partners is a leading
third party marketing firm

Tessera Capital has extensive experience in the investment management marketing industry.

Together, Tessera's team possesses the unique experience to understand:

Product Experience


Traditional Strategies:

US Equity

  • Small-Cap
  • SMid-Cap
  • Micro-cap

Non-US Equity

  • International
  • Global Equity
  • Emerging Markets
  • Frontier Markets

Alternative Strategies

  • Private Equity

  • Real Estate

  • Alternative Energy

  • Real Assets

  • Hedge Funds

We also work with a variety of investment vehicles including Separate Accounts, Platform SMAs, MFs, LPs

What we look for in a manager

  • Solid investment performance
  • An interesting "story"
  • Value-added approach
  • Open mindedness
  • Culture based on collaboration, curiosity, and trust
  • A partner

Culture: Collaborative. Entrepreneurial. Compliant.

Our Relationship Management team is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience working in a variety of distribution channels. This range of experience enables us to offer our manager-clients multiple pathways by which to raise assets.

Tessera works for the common good of our manager-clients, the firm, and each other. 

We like to think and work outside the box.  This is essential to meet the new challenges presented by an ever changing   industry.  It is also how we are able to add value for our manager clients - regardless of market conditions. 

Regulatory compliance is an essential part of any firm operating in the financial services industry, so compliance is at the forefront of our daily operations.

Unlike many firms, our compliance and regulatory mission has not interfered with our day-to-day operations. Nor has it inhibited our success.

In fact, it has made us better.

Our compliance-related expertise is applied not only to our own business, but also to the regulatory concerns of our manager-clients as well.

The Tessera approach to due diligence is comprehensive and thorough. Any lapse or oversight affects not only Tessera's business, but that of our manager-clients as well.

Our unwillingness to cut corners for the sake of short-term expedience is the number one reason why financial intermediaries and prospective direct investors have confidence that we will represent only the highest quality managers, products and services.  


Relationships are just one of the ways that Tessera provides additional depth to our firm’s capabilities. 

In addition to Tessera's own Relationship Managers, we can also call on our Platform Partners to assist in mandates that require additional distribution capabilities.  Whether you are looking for additional support in the existing distribution channels, wants to include additional products or distribution channels into the arrangement, or just want more fire-power is offering your strategies, Tessera's Platform Partners have the skill sets needed to meet your goals.  

Tessera also draws upon a number of Resource Partners that enable Tessera to focus on our core function: raising assets for our manager-clients.

Tessera will always retain oversight for any service completed by our Platform and Resource Partners.

Because we maintain an exclusive, boutique mentality, Tessera ensures our manager-clients receive highly
responsive service

Tessera will not contract with competing managers so there are no conflicts of interest among our manager-clients. 

Whether the specific strategy is offered through a separate account, mutual fund or limited partnership, Tessera leverages its industry relationships to help our manager-clients to achieve their business goals.

What is a "Tessera?"

"Tessera" is a Latin word meaning "cube" or "die" and refers to a small piece of marble, glass, or tile used in a mosaic.

Tessera is an apt description of how we conceive of our work. The services we provide represent an integral piece of a larger picture; that missing component to a well-rounded, successful investment management firm: a strong sales and marketing capability.

Our objective isn't always to provide top-to-bottom sales and marketing support; rather, to offer only those services in the sales and marketing arena that an investment manager may need to grow their business.  We work closely with our manager clients to provide the best and most comprehensive sales and marketing solution.