Effective marketing not only describes and explains -
it differentiates

Key Points:

  • Tessera's Marketing Support services are a fully customizable, integrated solution designed to complement the new business development process
  • Tessera's role can be exclusive or we can work with a firm's internal sales and/or marketing staff
  • Our traditional marketing services include creation of a full-suite of marketing materials, development of an RFP/DDQ strategy, industry database management, GIPS alignment, brandingcompetitive market analyses, and broad strategic planning
  • We also offer digital marketing services include website analysis and redesign, email marketing support and strategy, and digital content strategy.

Tessera Capital Partners is a third party marketing industry leader.

We know that few investment management firms are founded by marketing executives.

So while portfolio managers may have an unshakable grasp on their philosophy and process, being able to effectively describe them persuasively is often a struggle.

Our team helps investment managers to better articulate all the things which differentiate their firm from industry peers.

Tessera's unique industry insight helps our clients to describe, explain, and persuade in ways that will catch the attention of key decision makers.

Customized. Differentiated.

Tessera's relationship management team has decades of combined experience. Our experience helps to guide the ways in which we approach every client relationship.

Just as our manager-clients strive to meet the unique needs of their clients, we do the same by looking at the unique story behind each investment management firm with which we work.

Because no two stories are the same, we have to approach our work with an open-minded flexibility that enables us to capture all that's unique about our clients.

These stories inform the ways in which we conceive of and describe each manager-client's value proposition.

The greatest imperative in our messaging efforts is to ensure that every measure of our manager-client's value add is clearly and persuasively demonstrated across the entire library of marketing materials we create for them.


For marketing to be effective, it must tie together and promote every aspect of a firm's business.

Just as portfolio management and compliance are intertwined, so should a professional marketing effort.

An investment manager's marketing materials should promote the same message, use the same tone and terminology, and exhibit the same look and feel. Tessera undertakes a full review and critique of existing materials to ensure these standards are met.

Our Marketing Support services include:

  • Creation of collateral materials
  • Implementation of RFP/DDQ strategy
  • Industry database management and oversight
  • Peer group and competitive analyses
  • Prospect and client communications
  • Strategic planning and goal-setting


Today, an effective marketing effort requires a communication strategy that is timely, helpful, and keeps our manager-clients in the minds of their prospects.  

Modern internet-based technologies make this task easier than ever.

Marketing in the digital age requires managers to better understand what digital can do, as well as understand its limitations.

Tessera Capital reviews each manager-client's existing digital footprint, and offers services including:

  • website review, analysis, and redesign
  • digital content strategy
  • email marketing support and strategy

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