Financial intermediaries are the key to uncovering new opportunities

Key Points:

  • Investment Consultants were once the only gatekeepers to investors

  • Other financial intermediaries such as Subadvisors, Manager of Manager programs, RIAs, OCIOs, Family Offices and Wealth Managers have all become indispensable to investors

  • Most investors, institutional and retail alike, not only engage financial intermediaries, but also rely heavily on them to make an investment decisions
  • As a leading third party marketing firm, Tessera has developed deep relationships across the Consultant and Financial Intermediary communities

Tessera Capital Partners has deep relationships within the financial intermediary community

Financial intermediaries are powerful gatekeepers to investors. Without access to this important market, any effort to break into the institutional investment management space is doomed.

We maintain strong relationships with top-tier financial intermediaries, as well as small- to mid-sized firms as well.

While we work with a broad cross-section of the industry, Tessera also directs our efforts to a variety of decision makers who can help us win business for our manager clients, including:

  • Manger research teams
  • Investment committees
  • Client-facing consultants and advisors

Experience. Relationships. Insight.

Establishing productive relationships with financial intermediaries is not easy.

More often than not, they are less interested in finding reasons to hire a firm than identifying reasons to eliminate it from consideration.

How does Tessera Capital's experience help our manager-clients to effectively work with financial intermediaries?

  •  We know what various financial intermediaries want and what they need to hear
  • We avoid wasting their time on relationships that are a poor fit
  • We know how they want information presented
  • There is no question we haven't been asked
  • There is no request we are unable to complete

The result? Tessera is always prepared for meet the needs of financial intermediaries. Ours is an advantage which enables a "rapid response" to any and all requests, putting our clients at a competitive advantage over their peers.

The Tessera Difference

  • Donna DiMaria has lead the Consultant Relations efforts at several large investment management firms. Her experience provides insight into the inner workings of how best to navigate this complex distribution channel.
  • In the past 10 years, Tessera has expanded its network within the financial intermediary community. We are thus positioned to successfully represent any product or investment vehicle to the appropriate distribution channel
  • Since Tessera's inception, our Relationship Managers have:
    • Worked with over 300 consulting firms and other financial intermediaries
    • Coordinated and/or participated in more than 100 on-site due diligence meetings
    • Obtained search approval status by more than 50 consultants and sub-advisory platforms

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