Direct contact with institutional investors allows our manager-clients to get a leg up in the selection process

Key Points:

  • Although many institutional investors now employ consultants and other financial intermediaries, maintaining direct relationships with institutional investors is still important

  • Thanks to broad, deep industry ties, Tessera effectively reaches institutional investors who either do not use a consultant or who take an active role in the search process

Tessera's Direct Sales program involves reaching out to institutional investors such as: 

  • Public pension plans
  • Corporate pension plans
  • Taft-Hartley / union plans
  • Endowments and foundations
  • Insurance companies
  • Family offices

An effective direct sales program improves the odds of success by connecting our clients with as many key-decision makers as possible while limiting the interference of gatekeepers. 

Tessera will initiate contact only with those institutional investors who we believe will be receptive to our outreach.

Our selectivity is one key reason why we have the respect of the institutional investment community: we don't waste their time on bad fits.

Tessera Capital's edge is our intimate understanding of the process utilized by key decision makers.