Serving clients is an investment management firm's
top priority.

Key Points:

  • Client service should be a key differentiator in an investment management firm's business. Unfortunately, many firms are unsure of how to accomplish this task.
  • We will work with our manager clients to ensure that each firm has the appropriate processes in place to service clients as expected
  • Once established, Tessera will transition its manager client's staff into the client service process to ensure smoothly-functioning client service function.
  • Our responsibilities include facilitating the on-boarding process for new clients, reporting, presentations, and general client communications.
  • We have maintained client service relationships for more than 50 of our manager-client accounts. More than 25 of those relationships have been with Financial intermediaries and consultants.

Without clients, an investment management firm cannot survive.

We believe there are three reasons why managers should make top-notch client service their most important business function:

  1. It is less expensive and time consuming to keep a client than to find a new one
  2. Investment management is a low barrier-to-entry industry, and thus competition between firms is extraordinary
  3. Great client service is perhaps the best way to differentiate your firm from the competition

The Professional Fulfillment of all Client Service Activities

Tessera Capital Partners works diligently to ensure that each of our manager-clients has the infrastructure and processes in place to maintain a smoothly-functioning client service apparatus.

Our responsibilities include client reporting, presentations, and general client communications.

Our highly organized, detailed process ensures that we carry out all necessary client service activities, including:

  • Establishing consistent, repeatable on-boarding processes for new clients
  • Coordinating quarterly client service calls
  • Creating client service packages used by manager-clients for quarterly reviews
  • Ensure investors and their gatekeepers receive the most up‐to‐date information pertaining to the investment manager, its professionals, and its products
  • Promote interaction between the manager's employees and the client
  • Attend client portfolio and annual review meetings with portfolio managers
  • Ensure investors receive all agreed-upon reports and information on a timely basis

Have an internal client service function? No problem, Tessera has handled these responsibilities internally, and has  also worked seamlessly with a manager's existing staff.
Our process is flexible enough to accommodate any conceivable client service framework. 

To find out more about our process, Contact us to schedule a meeting, or fill out our Form and we will be in touch shortly.