Tessera Capital Partners, LLC

An independent third-party marketing firm providing:

Financial Intermediary

Many investors today utilize gatekeepers. Tessera's Financial Intermediary Relations service helps clients to better navigate this emerging environment of:

  • Investment consultants

  • Sub-advisors

  • Manager-of-Manager programs

  • Family Offices & OCIOs

  • Wealth management platforms

  • RIAs and BDs

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When working directly with institutional investors, Tessera will pre-qualify potential investors and manage all aspects of the direct sales process, including:

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Marketing Support services offer managers a complete and integrated solution that works in tandem with the generation of new business. Services includes:

  • Collateral Materials

  • RFPs and DDQs

  • Database Management

  • Competitive analyses

  • Newsletters and Updates

  • Website Review

  • Email Marketing

  • Digital Content

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Tessera works very closely with our manager-clients to meet the information needs of investors and their gatekeepers.  Client Services we provide include:

  • Performance reporting

  • Firm and personnel updates

  • Portfolio review meetings

  • Client letters

  • Other reporting as required

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Tessera Partners Platform Program

As a registered Broker-Dealer, Tessera has wide-ranging, deep experience managing a robust compliance and regulatory function.

The Tessera Platform Partners Program allows others in the asset-gathering industry to leverage our experience and infrastructure, enabling them to outsource their compliance duties and thus  focus on what they do best: research investments, raise assets, and manage investment portfolios.

The Platform Partner Program enables firms to connect with other managers, allowing our partners to benefit from the unique experience and expertise of firms which represent the full spectrum of products, distribution channels, and or geographic territories.

Program Services

  • Regulatory infrastructure
  • Contractual and Legal resources
  • Due Diligence support
  • Continuing Education
  • Regulatory and Blue Sky registration
  • Representative activity supervision
  • Accounting and billing related to asset raising activities


  • Partnership opportunities with industry peers
  • Practical approach to compliance and regulatory issues
  • Seamless transition 
  • Coast-to-coast operations
  • More time to focus on revenue generation

Our Platform Partners are:

  • Experienced
  • Successful in raising assets for securities and advisory services
  • Principled, with a professional, open-minded approach
  • Collaborative, and have a partner-based business philosophy
  • Client-focused

Tessera Capital Partners is


  • 2 relationship managers with more than 28 years of average experience

  • Past manager-clients include both traditional and alternative investment management firms

  • Extensive experience with Financial Intermediaries and direct sales to Institutional Investors

  • Rigorous due diligence process promotes credibility with investors and intermediaries

  • Culture of Compliance - Unique understanding of the of legal and regulatory environment


  • Tessera's relationship management team has raised more than $4.8 billion over the course of our careers

  • Opened more than 85 accounts for our manager-clients with a broad range of investors.

  • Coordinated and participated in hundreds of due diligence meetings

  • Ongoing engagement with more than 300 consulting firms and other financial intermediaries

  • Addition of Platform Partners to the sales effort leads to a broader universe of potential investors seeing a product

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  2. Discussion regarding goals and objectives
  3. Review of current sales and marketing initative
  4. Critique of ancillary marketing materials, including a Website review

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